The IDEs


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The IDEs whcih can develop Grails project, I use a. STS Integration :)

The list of IDEs :

a. STS Integration -
Using Grails projects in the SpringSource Tool Suite, an Eclipse-based ID

I use it because SpringSource buy the G2One Inc. :p

b. NetBeans IDE Integration -
Using NetBeans IDE with Grails projects

I like it, too. :eek:

c. IDEA Integration -
Using IntelliJ IDEA IDE with Grails projects

Rocher said that the IDE is the most complete IDE for Grails. :cool:

d. TextMate Bundle -
TextMate Grails bundle

e. Gedit -
a TextMate like alternative for Linux

f. jEdit -
A cross platform programmer's text editor written in Java, has excellent Groovy plugin. jEdit is open source software.

g. Emacs-
GSP support for Emacs. Groovy-Mode, Grails-Minor-Mode

but, sometimes I use UE, and execute Grails's command, too :

like :

grails create-project [the project name]
grails create domain-class [the package name].[the domain object name]
grails generate-all
grails doc
grails clean
grails dev compile
grails dev war
grails dev war [the project name].war
//grails tomcat deploy


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When developing on Windows, I would use Netbeans for grails development, but since moving over to a Mac I've found IntelliJ the one to allow me to be most productive as it simply seems the most responsive one out of the lot of them. I use Eclipse but only for Android development.