s2-quickstart + Unable to login


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Hi I have followed s2-quickstart with spring security and it created objects Role, User, UserRole, LoginController & LogoutController.

Once I run the app, it created DB tables in mysql and I have entered data manually in the tables.

My role table has below record

user table has
1 1 0 0 1 password123 0 adminuser

user_role has
1 1

When I enter the correct username and password on login screen, I keep getting 'Sorry, we were not able to find a user with that username and password'

I tried debugging and it throws an exception BadCredentials mapped to errors.login.fail


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Clear the user and role tables and go to the Bootstrap.groovy file in the conf directory and paste the following code:

def init = { servletContext ->
def adminRole = new Role(authority:'ROLE_ADMIN').save(flush:true)

def adminUser = new User(username:'admin',password:'admin',enabled:true).save(flush:true)
UserRole.create adminUser,adminRole,true

You can now log in as admin admin