Problem submitting login



Hi There !

I have a problem that i consider its a gsp submitting error. Please if is not, i'll move the thread.
I have a submitting gsp page

<form action='${postUrl}' method='POST' id='loginForm' class='cssform'>
<label for='j_username'>Usuario</label>
<input type='text' class='text_' name='j_username' id='j_username' value='${request.remoteUser}' />
<label for='j_password'>Password</label>
<input type='password' class='text_' name='j_password' id='j_password' />
<label for='remember_me'>Recordar...</label>
<input type='checkbox' class='chk' name='_spring_security_remember_me' id='remember_me'
<g:if test='${hasCookie}'>checked='checked'</g:if> />
<input type='submit' value='Login' />

When i enter the user and psw, it submit to:


Any ideas ?? I don't know what is the postUrl, which is the target of the submit

Thanksss in advance.