Lightweight Groovy on the Google App Engine by Tim Berglund at GIDS 2011


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Lightweight Groovy on the Google App Engine by Tim Berglund at GIDS 2011

You love Groovy and you're a believer in cloud computing. For a larger project you might choose Grails and hosting on Amazon EC2, but what if you want to take advantage of the nearly massless deployments of a cloud provider like the Google App Engine? You could make Grails work, but it's not always the best fit. Web Application Specialist Tim Berglund is coming to Bangalore this April to speak on GAELYK at India’s Great Indian Developer Summit which is to be held from 19 to 22 April, 2010 at IISC Campus, Bangalore.

Gaelyk is a lightweight Groovy web application framework built specifically for the Google App Engine. In this session, he'll talk through the simple abstractions it offers, then show how easy it is to code and deploy a useful application to the cloud.

Tim Berglund is a developer, consultant, and trainer who builds web applications with open-source tools, especially Groovy and Grails. Tim specializes in helping clients through periods of technology transition, with interests spanning web applications, business integration, data architecture, and software architecture. In all these engagements, he is especially passionate about helping developers improve in their craft. Tim is an international conference speaker at venues such as The Server Side Symposium Europe, The Scandinavian Developer Conference, and No Fluff Just Stuff. He also speaks at user groups in the United States, and helps lead IASA Denver and the Denver Open Source User Group (DOSUG).

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