HTTP Status 404: The requested resource() is not available


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Hi there!
I need some help. :)

In a project I'm using Grails 1.3.7 with Spring Security Core 1.2.4 on a Mac OS X Lion.

My UrlMapping file looks like this:
class UrlMappings {
static mappings = {
"/$controller/$action?/$id?"{ constraints {
// apply constraints here
"/"(controller:"controllerA", action:"list")
name controllerA: "/controllerA/$action?/" {
controller = 'controllerA'
name controllerB: "/controllerB/$action?/" {
controller = 'controllerB'
name controllerC: "/controllerA/$varA/controllerC/$action?/" {
controller = 'controllerC'
name controllerD: "/controllerA/$varA/controllerD/$action?/" {
controller = 'controllerD'

Now when I browse to my project it will redirect me to "/login/auth" cause I'm not logged in already. But I didn't get the login page, I get a 404 "The requested resource() is not available". When I make a refresh the login page appears. When I try to login it redirect me to root again ("/"). But I get another 404. After a refresh it works fine. When I then try to call "/controllerA/list" I get another 404. I never had problem with controllerC and controllerD.

Any ideas?