How to limit domain results with criteria


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I am new to grails and I have a question about limiting a query result: domain User:

class User {    
String  login
String  password
String  fname
String  lname
String role = "user"    
static constraints = {
login       (size:5..15, blank:false, unique:true,matches:"[a-zA-Z0-9]+")
password    (size:5..15, blank:false)
fname       (blank:false)
lname       (blank:false)
role(inList:["user", "admin"])
String toString(){
  fname & " " & lname
static mapping = {
    cache true

    columns {
        fname       type:'text'
        lname       type: 'text'
        password    type:'text'
        login       type:'text'


my GSP page snippet that displays the results:

<g:each in="${userInstanceList}" status="i" var="userInstance">
 <tr class="${(i % 2) == 0 ? 'odd' : 'even'}">
 <td><g:link action="show" id="${}">
  ${fieldValue(bean: userInstance, field:   "id")}    </g:link></td>
 <td>${fieldValue(bean: userInstance, field: "login")}</td>
 <td>${fieldValue(bean: userInstance, field: "fname")}</td>
 <td>${fieldValue(bean: userInstance, field: "lname")}</td>
 <td>${fieldValue(bean: userInstance, field: "role")}</td>

I call the controller with this code, in separate gsp view:
<g:link class="users" controller="user" params="[sort:'fname',order:'desc']" action="" >Manager Users</g:link>

My question is, how do I call the domain and display the results according to the following criteria: first, if the Role is admin, display everything. If the role is not admin, only display the results of certain login value (ie, just show the results where the login = the current user)

Thanks for your help! jason


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If you are using a plugin like SpringSecurity you can check the role that the user has then display a different view for each type of user