Grails to create SaaS application


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Hi everyone,

This is a general question about how to design a SaaS application. The thing is, if I want to create an application and make grails help me to filter data of one account(for example, a company), so tha I dont have to do every quwry/selection filtering bay that company, ¿is there a simple way? ¿Any grails feature that could help?

All tips are welcome. :)


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I find myself having to do exactly what you ask more often than not these days. The term used to describe this scenario is 'multi-tenant'. There are a couple of immediate choices available, firstly the obvious is to require the user to login with both their login id & password along with an additional field to identify the company. You could then modify your querys/filters to also include that company identifier.

There is also an existing plug-in which aims to make this all transparent to you called surprise, the multitenant plugin.