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total noob here - I have gone through the instructions in the Grails in action book and several websites but i cant seem to get Grails running. Not 100% sure of what each step does although I have a good idea. I've got groovy running ok but cant get grails to run when i use the command 'grails -v' or 'grails help'.
I've also tried setting the name of the system variable to %GRAILS_HOME%\bin but that didnt help either. Another suggestion was to chmod -x the
script in the bin folder but i'm not sure how to do that in windows.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Below is a few screenshots of whats going on....

Also - is this command prompt stuff necessary if I were going to just use eclipse? I would like to use both to get the experience but im just curious.

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Got it to work. I had entered the GRAILS_HOME and GROOVY_HOME but had forgotten to edit the path variable.



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Yep setting up the paths are a common problem.

Note to grails devs an installer that adds the paths correctly would save a lot of heartache for a great deal many people :)