grails google spreadsheet API



I've been working pretty hard on this for a few days now, and I seem to be getting nowhere, not even certain I'm trying to go in the right direction.

I am trying to set up a webpage which uses a Google Spreadsheet as a data source, mostly reading but sending some updates. I wrote some code that seemed like it could work, even got the oauth sorted via redirect and session info, but I can not figure out how to actually get access to the google tools.
So basically, I have tried with the GWT, I tried with Google Apps Engine as well, both mostly just blew up Eclipse grails.

I also tried to get the gdata and oauth plugin to work. But that seems to be a dead end.
So, is there someone who has managed to access or updated google spreadsheets in a grail application, and if so.
What did you use, and how did you get access to the functions, classpath, plugin. Did you have to import classes or configure it somewhere.

I am using a Mac OSX running
Eclipse Kelper
Groovy/Grails Tool Suite Version: 3.4.0.RELEASE

Any help would be gran, just the simplest way of getting a grails app to speak to a private google spreadsheet.