get latest data from database into GORM after doing insert with stored procedure call



I am working on a grails application where I have to do inserts in 2 tables(has one to many relationships), by calling a stored procedure call from a service. Since Hibernate is not aware of this change, whenever I pull records from the domain(mapped form those 2 tables) instances, using dynamic finder, the newly added rows are not there. My classes looks similar to these-
class Author {
String name
static hasMany = [books:Book]
static fetchMode = [books:'eager']
class Book {
String title
static belongsTo = [author:Author]

From my Controller, when I do Author.findAllById(, it does not pull the newly added rows. How can I get the new rows I added by the stored procedure call? Clearing Hibernate second-level-cache/query-cache for domain Author is not an option for me as my domains exist in the 'default package' and therefore SessionFactory cannot reference to the domain.

Any help will be really appreciated.