get latest data from database into GORM after doing insert with stored procedure call



I am working on a grails application where I have to do inserts in 2 tables(has one to many relationships), by calling a stored procedure call from a service. Since Hibernate is not aware of this change, whenever I pull records from the domain(mapped form those 2 tables) instances, using dynamic finder, the newly added rows are not there.
My classes looks similar to these-
class Author {
String name
static hasMany = [books:Book]
static fetchMode = [books:'eager']
class Book {
String title
static belongsTo = [author:Author]

From my Controller, when I do Author.findAllById(, it does not pull the newly added rows. How can I get the new rows I added by the stored procedure call? Clearing Hibernate second-level-cache/query-cache for domain Author is not an option for me as my domains exist in the 'default package' and therefore SessionFactory cannot reference to the domain.