g:sortableColumn opening in new window


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I have a simple example where I am testing sort column.
I have following page in one div on jsp page.
When I click column heading to sort, it opened result in a new window, instead into same div.

<div style="width: 100%; height:100%;">
<div id="list-client" class="content scaffold-list" role="main">
<g:if test="${flash.message}">
<div class="message" role="status">${flash.message}</div>
<g:sortableColumn property="dateCreated" title="${message(code: 'client.dateCreated.label', default: 'Date Created')}" />

<g:sortableColumn property="firstname" title="${message(code: 'client.firstname.label', default: 'Firstname')}" />

<g:sortableColumn property="lastUpdated" title="${message(code: 'client.lastUpdated.label', default: 'Last Updated')}" />

<th><g:message code="client.lTitle.label" default="Title" /></th>

<g:sortableColumn property="surname" title="${message(code: 'client.surname.label', default: 'Surname')}" />

<g:sortableColumn property="updatedBy" title="${message(code: 'client.updatedBy.label', default: 'Updated By')}" />
<g:each in="${clientInstanceList}" status="i" var="clientInstance">
<tr class="${(i % 2) == 0 ? 'even' : 'odd'}">
<g:remoteLink controller="client" action="displayClient" update="middleRightBottomDiv">
${fieldValue(bean: clientInstance, field: "dateCreated")}

<td>${fieldValue(bean: clientInstance, field: "firstname")}</td>

<td><g:formatDate date="${clientInstance.lastUpdated}" /></td>

<td>${fieldValue(bean: clientInstance, field: "lTitle.title")}</td>

<td>${fieldValue(bean: clientInstance, field: "surname")}</td>

<td>${fieldValue(bean: clientInstance, field: "updatedBy")}</td>

<div class="pagination">
<g:paginate total="${clientInstanceCount ?: 0}" />

Please can some advice me what I am doing wrong.