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Welcome to the Grails Forum. Please read the following rules and guidelines.


When posting for the first time, consider introducing yourself, preferably with your real first name. This helps people think you're a real person. If you have accidentally forgotten to fill in most of the details in your profile, like where you come from or what you do for a living, consider going back now and plugging a few gaps so that, when somebody clicks to see whom you are, they don't find a load of blanks. It is nice for all of us to know who we are talking to.

Multiple Accounts

When you join Grails Forum you will receive an account registered to your name and email address. You are limited to one personal account. The creation of multiple accounts with different user names is strictly forbidden and any such accounts will be terminated with no recourse to appeal, along with the originator's membership.

Administrators and Moderators are in charge of the smooth running of the forum

No member shall question the action of the Moderating/Admin Team in an open post on the forum, if the thread/post moderation concerns yourself directly please take it to PM where we will discuss it. Any such posts questioning our actions on the forum will be deleted without notice.
The Grails Forum team are very approachable, if you have a problem with any part of the forum please contact us & we will do our best to get things sorted.

World Wide Audience

As posts on this forum can be read by many people from many countries, please be aware that post content maybe offensive to some countries.


These will inevitably occur (this is a discussion forum after all, which relies on differences of opinion to exist), and when they do we ask you to maintain your dignity. You are entitled to express any opinions you choose, but you will be required to defend them in rational debate should we disagree. 'It's just my opinion' is not a valid excuse for being wrong. If you think something you are about to post might risk inadvertently offending another member and you want to tone it down a little, try using one of the smilies to introduce a grin or a wink into your post.

Politics, Religion and Sports

Religion & sports have no relevance to this forum so please refrain from posting subjects on this matter

Politics creeps into every day life - but for the sake of avoiding arguments and heated debates and to stick to subject matter on topic, politics should be avoided.
Again, if you think something you are about to post might risk inadvertently offending another member, then don't post it.


Aggressive slander, foul language, or serious harassment of other members will not be accepted (otherwise known as flaming). However, Grails Forum supports an informal, friendly and relaxed discussion atmosphere, and in deference to this, acknowledges some tolerance to the above. As these forums are often viewed both at home and in workplaces, family language is encouraged. Moderators will use their discretion.

Tasteful Signatures and Avatars

Don't tag on something offensive that will annoy the moderators and other members. Keep them clean and tasteful. No swear words or nudes!

Overall this website will only ever be as good as its members, so by keeping it friendly, informative and tasteful we can create both a great community and excellent resource.

Kind Regards,

Dave Brown
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