Folders, packages and security configuration


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Hi, everybody
I'm architect in a software development project and I wanna use Grails. I was reading about it and I have some questions.
We must use Subversion to control versions and work in team, but Grails organize its folders in a way that is a little complicated for example:
I want that some users work on a single module (module 1) and don't see the other modules (module 1), I don't know how to do it because all modules are inside the same folder (controller). Exist other way to configure folder structure in Grails? Please help me.

The other problem I have is that users must download from repository thew security module where is the Data Source wish contain the user and pass to connect to DB, and that is not good. Exist a way that users can use this Data Source but they can't see the user and pass to connect to data base?

Thanks and I hope you can help me.
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Interesting question, sadly can't help here really though as being a freelance developer I don't have these kind of headaches but one idea that came to mind for your datasource problem was to connect to your database via JNDI and keep your database credentials within your app server, would that be a possibile solution?