Export gsp to pdf (full content, including styles)


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Hello, first of all thank you very much for the help. I've tried the pdf plugin and rendering plugin(the latter is the one that convinced me) but I do not know if I do something wrong or is a limitation of the plugin but can not do a full dump, Couldn't I do a full dump? (keeping also the style of gsp) I only managed to save the information in plain text.

The goal is that I need to convert a gsp page into pdf that teaches content produced by "Google Chart Tools" (maybe you don't know that) and I have no idea how. I watched the jasper plugin and I've seen that something similar is posible with templates .jrctx (I could do graphics and other things) but not everything that I like. Do you know if there is something way to dump the full content of gsp (including style and content) to a pdf (as if it would make a photo).

Thank you very much for the help, I know it's very messy but I have been searching a lot of days and I don't get with the solution.