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I am new to Grails
I am usingGrails 1.1 and DynamicJasper plugin 0.6 versions.
In my DynamicJasper.config page I ahve added below code
salesByState {
entity = 'trip'
title = 'First Report'
columns = ['name', 'city']
columnTitles = ['name': 'NAMES', 'city': 'CITIES']
dataSource = { session, params ->
Trip.findAll('from Trip as s where s.name = ? order by name', [params.name])

In my list.gsp page I have below code
<div class="list">
<g:select id="id" name="id" from="${Trip.list(sort:name, order:asc)}" value="name" optionValue="name" optionKey="name" noSelection="['0':'--Select--']" onchange="alert('Help me'+this.value);"/>

<div class="dialog" style="margin-left:20px;width:60%;">
<g:link url="../djReport/?report=salesByState" target="new">Dynamic</g:link>

I am facing problem in passing the drop down selected id to my report as params:name.
Some one please help me how to pass params from gsp to report config file..

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