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I am just getting started with Grails and have a general question about adding constraints.

I have a simple domain class that I am building as part of following an Example application in Getting Started with Grails 2nd edition.

package racetrack

class Race {
	String name
	Date startDate
	String city
	String state
	BigDecimal distance
	BigDecimal cost
	Integer maxRunners = 100000
    static constraints = {
    	name blank:false, maxSize:50
		startDate blank:true
		city blank:true
		state blank:false, inList: ["VA", "FL", "NY"]
		distance min: 0.0
		cost min: 0.0, max: 100.0
		maxRunners min: 0, max: 100000
	static mapping = {
		sort "startDate"


package racetrack

class RaceController {
	static scaffold = true

This code works fine, my question is when I first added the inList and the other constraints to the domain class while the server was running I began experiencing errors about hibernate sessions not being available and messages about state not being a property on the domain class. Is it always necessary to restart your server when adding constraints to domain classes? The messages that dump out don't point in that direction, but restarting the server seems to fix the problems and the scaffold code works as expected. Maybe its tied to the fact that I am using scaffold? Just a curious newb.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.