Compiled plugins not in plugin list




I am developing in grails since a few months, but I hardly used GGTS. I've got a problem, when I try to use the Commentable plugin.

In my BuildConfig.groovy, I paste the following lines:

compile ":commentable:0.8.1"

and then I mark my Domain Class as Commentable, like this:

package bookstore

import org.grails.comments.*

class Book implements Commentable {

	String name
	String description
	String isbn

	static constraints = {
		name blank: false

But in GGTS, I always get the error message, that "import org.grails.comments.*" cannot be resolved and the interface implementation doesn't work. I also cannot see the commentable plugin in the package explorer under "plugins". But if I install the commentable plugin via the Plugin Manager, I do not get errors and the plugin list views the commentable plugin.

My problem is, that I cannot rely on that other developers in my team install the plugin via the manager, but also work on this project. Their BuildConfig.groovy compiles the plugin, but they cannot resolve any classes of it.

What is the problem?