Attachmentable plugin - any tips? (Grails 1.3.8 with GGTS 3.1)

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I want to associate attachments with individual records in my DB2 database, and this "attachmentable" plugin seems like the best bet I've found so far. The others I have tried do not allow me to link the attachment to an instance of any class (AFAIK!). But I can't get it to work. When the gsp page loads I get a ton of console message about missing resources - mostly in /js/jquery-ui - but I have that plugin installed and I added the resources incantation at the start of my GSP page. So when I press the submit button to upload a file it seems that nothing happens, but I just get redirected back to a list page, and nothing is written to the database.
Are there any tips for how to get this plugin to work and has anybody else used it with Groovy/Grails Tools Suite?