Application fails to run when deployed using run-war

richard orama

New member
My application runs fine when deployed using run-app. However when I use run-war, it fails "Error 500 - Internal error". I know where the cause of the problem is but I do not know how to resolve it.

The cause of the problem is the loginControldefined in LoginTagLib taglib. This is being referenced in main.gsp. When I remove the <g:loginControl/> reference in main.gsp the application runs fine using run-war.

How can I make the application run without removing the <g:loginControl /> reference in main.gsp?

Some hint I found after exploding the generated war file is that the resources are listed as follows in grails.xml in WEB-INF folder. Note that the LoginTagLib is not qualified with my project file name (TBSMS).


I have tested in Tomcat that if I qualify LoginTagLib (as in TBSMS.LoginTagLib), the application runs fine.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.