Ant build with local repository only



My company has a strict build requirements. All build must be repeatable and all third party jars must be checked in to our repository using svn.

We're using grails 2.2.1 which I believe is using ivy as its dependency manager. Is there any easy way to achieve the above?

I tried running grails interactive ant (or something like that). It gives me the ivy.xml, ivysettings.xml and the ant files. But in the ivysettings.xml, it has:

<ibiblio name="grails-core" root="" m2compatible="true" changingPattern=".*SNAPSHOT"/>
<ibiblio name="grails-plugins" root="" m2compatible="true" changingPattern=".*SNAPSHOT"/>
<resolver ref="public"/>

which will go out and check the dependencies. How can I change it so it will look for the dependencies from my local repository? I am thinking to let ivy resolve whatever it needs, but afterwards, check it that dependency and download all the jar files to my svn repository. But then, I still need to configure ivy to look at my svn afterwards.

I go thru the ivy tutorial but that assume the developer to know all dependent jars. Grails seems to automate that as well.

Thank in advance for any help on this.