addTo* method work into controller but not in service


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I have some troubles since I upgraded to Grails 2.0RC1.
When I call an addTo* method into a service, this doesn't work. And I almost sure with previous Grails 2.0M2 release, this code worked well.

The code is simple, I've 2 classes: Application and Company. There are relationship between these classes: a company has many application and one application belongs to one company.

To add an application to a company, I use a service method after the comapny is populated into the database. Unfortunately, the method doesn't work. But I tried by putting implementation into a controller and in this case, the same code works.


The domain classes:
package org.test

class Application {
	String name

    static constraints = {
		name(blank: false, nullable: false)
	static belongsTo = [ compagny : Company ]

package org.test

class Company {
	String name

    static constraints = {
		name(blank: false, nullable: false)
	static hasMany = [ applications : Application ]

The service code:

package org.test.svc

import org.test.Application
import org.test.Company

class ApplicationManagementService {

    def addApplicationToCompany(Application a, Company c) { 
		if (a.validate(['name'])) {
			return a
		} else {
			return null

The integration test which failed:
package addtoproblem

import static org.junit.Assert.*
import org.junit.*
import org.test.Application;
import org.test.Company;
import org.test.svc.ApplicationManagementService

class ApplicationManagementIntegrationTestTests {
	def applicationManagementService
	Company c
    void setUp() {
        c = new Company(name: 'My Company')

    void tearDown() {
        // Tear down logic here

    void testApplicationManagement() {
		assert applicationManagementService
		// checks company is well saved into db 
        assert Company.list().size() == 1
		// creates application for adding
		Application a = new Application(name: 'My Application')
		applicationManagementService.addApplicationToCompany a, c
		assert Application.list().size() == 1


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Are you receiving an error or just not saving the data?

I'm wondering if the transactional nature of a service method is the difference?

Any difference if you do a .save(flush:true) rather than just .save()