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    Bind a list of objects into a Grails command?

    I have 2 command objects, one of them contained List of other @grails.validation.Validateable class SongCommand { String title List<CoupletCommand> coupletCommandList = [].withLazyDefault {new CoupletCommand()} Boolean isChorusRepeat static constraints = { title blank...
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    Add constraints to the elemets of List

    Is there are any possible way to add constraints to the elements of List? For example I have a command which accept List and I want add constraints on this elements, for example on size. class SongCommand { String title List<String> couplet List<String> chorus Boolean isChorus...
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    GORM many to many and one to many through 1 table

    I have a problem with describe DB structure into my domain classes with such DB structure ERD With other domains this works, but it's more simple, no such many relation one-to-many in one table. But with in this case I got error. What I have user can have...