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    How to hide a drop-down list (generated by a reference)?

    Hi everybody. I have a question. I'm developing a grails app where I have many users. As I'm using Spring Security I can obtain a reference to the logged user. Here's my domain classes: class Recepcion { String nombre Date fechaDeRecepcion String numeroDeSacos BigDecimal peso...
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    Event registration plugin

    Hi everybody. I'm developing a Grails app and I need to find a way to register every action that a user do because this app handles sensitive data. Is there any plugin that provides event registration? Thanks in advance.
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    Fill two domain classes through one view

    Hi everybody. First of all I want to tell you that I am a Grails beginner so my question could sound a little silly. I've been researching a little about Grails and I learned that it is enough to write scaffold=true in the domain class file (of course this is the easiest way) and we have all the...