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    about ajax

    can you refereed any sample code on AJAX implementation for On-change action for input text it should interact with database before submit the through submit button
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    Abaut spring security core plugin

    Hi, I m trying to understand the flow and logic for spring-security-core. I already referred some reference like / bur nothing i am getting. Can you suggest me any better reference for spring security core. Thanks Nishant
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    how to fire select query for specified column

    I have one domain class like employee(id, name,age,salary) and i want to get only name and salary. If i tried with-> Employee.executeQuery(select,e.salary from Employee e) its giving error like property mismatch. But if tried with-> Employee.executeQuery( from Employee e) in this...
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    Advantage and Disadvantages og Grails

    Please give me the proper and solution for this. Thank you