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    Email issues

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    Reanimating ye ancient forum

    Reanimating ye ancient forum
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    Making Jasper and Rendering plugins work together.

    I've just had a niggling problem for the past few days making the Jasper reporting plugin work alongside the Rendering plugin. They both render pdf's, and both have different use cases, When you want to use html or a gsp to define your pdf then the rendering plugin makes this very easy...
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    Functional tests with Geb & Spock

    A useful post explaining how to get setup quickly with functional testing..
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    Grails Class Reloading not working with v2 & IntelliJ 12

    I noticed recently whilst using the latest version of Grails 2.2 that class reloading was not working, i.e. when you run the app through IntelliJ Idea, make a change to either a gsp, or even css stylesheet or a controller class for example and refresh the page you're working on in the browser...
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    Intercepting the HTTP Session Expiry & SpringSecurity

    Here's a little tip for when you need to discover when a users session expires and perform any cleanup for the current logged in user. You need a listener class that implements HttpSessionListener such as : public class ExpiringSessionEventListener implements HttpSessionListener {...
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    Email issues

    Please be aware there is currently an outgoing email issue affecting users with microsoft email addresses, that it, @hotmail, @msn, @live etc. This will be resolved as soon as possible but is currently in the hands of MS so as to when this will be, I'm afraid I cannot say but will notify you as...
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    Grails forum has just got TapaTalk integration (for mobile browsing)

    Anyone who wants to view the forum on their mobile be it Android, or iPad or Blackberry can now do so that bit easier. I've set the forum up to work with TAPATALK the mobile app which lets you use forums natively rather than having to access them through your devices smaller screen. For those...
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    Grails, jQuery & the jQuery Grid - Part Five - Cell Editing

    Due to the number of requests, please finally find the extension to the tutorial series showing how to implement cell editing. This will be the shortest of all the tutorials as all the hard work has been done, to configure cell editing is really a no brainer from this point forward. The only...
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    Planned Server Downtime

    Just to let you all know, due to the server being moved tonight there is planned server downtime from 10:30pm to 7.30am CET.
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    Testing spring security (formerly acegi) in your controllers.

    It appears there has been a few people asking how to do this.. With the update to the 'acegi' plugin, 'spring-security-core' it's very straightforward.. In your controller test class, you will need to inject the securityservice, formerly this was the authenticationService so add a def...
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    Can anyone see a problem with QBE here?

    Having an issue using Query By Example to retrieve a particular record and not sure why it's behaving as it is. After looking at the generated SQL, it appears it's not actually querying on the fields I'm populating on my example object. E.g. def exampleObject = new...
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    Why you shouldn't NOT learn about meta programming.

    I've been programming away with Grails for a fair bit of time now but have only touched the surface with the meta programming capabilities provided by Groovy. Aside from all the dynamic capabilities we are provided with, e.g. DomainClass.FindBySomeField I didn't realise we can really make use...
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    Grails 1.3 was released today

    See for further information.
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    Hi there!

    Hi ! As we're starting to get a few members now signing up, it's very apparent my introduction is past due. My name is David Brown, not far from being 35 years of age and for most of those years have been involved in the computer and programming world. I started out programming not by...